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Physiotherapy sessions begin with discussing the relevant clinical history and any queries you may have. Following this, a static, dynamic, palpation, and range of motion assessment are performed in order to create a treatment plan for your animal. You will likely be given some home exercises to perform to help support your animal between sessions and get the best long term results. Where appropriate, advice regarding home management will given to help support your animal's rehabilitation.

Treatment techniques are tailored to your animal's needs, and may include:

Manual therapies

dog stretch.JPG

Manual therapies require a hands-on approach from the physiotherapist, and use massage techniques and stretching to create a large variety of therapeutic benefits.


cat laser 2.jpg

Electrotherapies  deliver energy to the animal to stimulate or inhibit cell function, thus generating various therapeutic benefits, such as reducing pain, aiding healing, and reeducating muscle. 

Exercise Programmes

exercise plan horse poles 1.png

Exercise programmes can generate a variety of benefits, including improved mobility, muscle strength, proprioception, balance, suppleness, performance, and gait re-education. All exercise programmes are bespoke to your animal’s needs in order to achieve optimal results.

Canine/Small Animal Physiotherapy

dog laser.jpg

Initial session: £50

Follow-up session: £45

Equine Physiotherapy

horse tens.jpg

Initial session: £55

Follow-up session: £50

If you feel your animal would benefit from physiotherapy and you would like to arrange a session, or if you have any queries, please contact me.

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